Acupuncture for TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is highly prevalent in the military, having up to 20% of our nation's service members affected. Research has shown that military personnel with TBI have benefited from acupuncture in numerous ways.  For example, studies have shown acupuncture decreases risk of stroke in patients with TBI.  Acupuncture improves headaches related to TBI. It also improves cognitive behavior and activities.


Neuroacupuncture is a contemporary form of Acupuncture. It uses western medical knowledge in Neurology, along with, traditional Chinese medicine. Neuroacupuncture  effectively treats acute and chronic nervous system disorders. With the insertion and stimulation of needles on the scalp, the malfunctioning areas of the brain are reset, promoting healthy neurons to activate. Veterans with PTSD, TBI, various pain disorders, and phantom pain have benefited from this form of treatment. Neuroacupuncture has been proven to treat headaches, insomia, pain, balance, paralysis, anxiety, fatigue, and more. Theses are all symptoms of various illness that Veterans experience. This form of treatment is highly recommended for veterans with PTSD, TBI, chronic pain, and phantom pain.

Military Personnel and Acupuncture

Military personnel have been showing a growing interest in acupuncture, as an alternative to addictive medication for pain relief. Acupuncture successfully treats pain without the use of medication at all!  Research shows that acupuncture helps military personnel decrease their reliance on opioids. It does not cause any side effects and does not keep you away from your daily activities. Benefits of acupuncture include: improved mental clarity, concentration, increased memory, reduced anxiety, increased restful sleep, and increased energy.

Leroy Lott, L. Ac., is proud to be a provider within the veterans choice program and health net federal services insurance network. He can now treat veterans and their family at no cost  to you!

Acupuncture...for a healthier you

Acupuncture for PTSD

Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that is characterized by anxiety and stress. Acupuncture has proven to help those with PTSD. For example, acupuncture helps with those with PTSD by lowering anxiety and stress levels. The benefits from acupuncture treatment is consistent with cognitive-behavioral therapy. Military personnel not only benefit from acupuncture mentally, but they also benefit physically and its positive effects are sustained post-treatment.

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Acupuncture for our nation's veterans