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The use of Chinese Herbal Tea is said to have started around 350 A.D. Chinese Herbal Tea is healthy and natural. It is a  great non-synthetic alternative to synthetic remedies. Chinese Herbal Tea has become widely used by the Western Hemisphere because of its numerous benefits. 

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 Tea 1 is a refreshing tea, that is beneficial for the skin, and relieves tension.

Tea 2 helps lose weight, reduces blood fat, lowers blood sugar, and modulates blood pressure.

Tea 3 ​helps modulates blood pressure, reduces blood sugars, lowers blood fat, and boosts immunity.

Tea 4 modulates blood pressure, prevents diabetes, and fights against tooth decay.

Tea 5 prevents arterial sclerosis, lowers cholesterol, and treats coronary heart disease. 

Tea 6 protects the liver, strengthens the body, fights infections, and diminishes inflammation. 

Tea 7 relives sleeplessness, headaches, and neurasthenia. This tea also eases pain in the muscle and joints.

Tea 8 prevents cancer and heart disease, activates blood circulation, and is rich in vitamins A and C.

Tea 9 tonifies the kidney, regulates menstruation cycle, and relieves rheumatic pain.

Tea 10 reduces blood fat, helps to lose weight, aids in digestion, and lubricates bowels.