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Neuro-Acupuncture is an acupuncture technique integrating traditional Chinese needling methods with western medical knowledge of representative areas of the cerebral cortex.  It has been proven to be a most effective technique for treating acute and chronic central nervous system disorders.  Neuro-Acupuncture often produces remarkable  results with just a few needles, and most times bring about immediate improvement.

Neuro-Acupuncture , sometimes called scalp acupuncture is a modern innovation and development.  Just like any new technology and science, the discovery, development and clinical application of Neuro-Acupuncture has undergone a period of challenge because it falls outside of some fundamental theories of Chinese medicine as well as being a new concept in the western world..

Neuro-Acupuncture points on the scalp are frequently used in the rehabilitation of paralysis due to stroke, multiple sclerosis, automobile accident, and Parkinson's disease.  These areas may also be employed for pain management, especially that caused by the central nervous system such as phantom pain, complex regional pain, and residual limb pain.  It has been proven to have very effective results in treating aphasia, loss of balance, loss of hearing, dizziness and vertigo.   Neuro_Acupuncture has also been found to effective in treating PTSD, TBI (Traumatic Brain Disorder), Bell's Palsy, TMJ, and much more.

Neuro-Acupuncture can also help increase energy, preserve youth, and promote longevity.  

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